Darius Gottlieb

Superior Photography Printing Options

Darius Gottlieb, Film Photography Pioneer


For over 25 years, we have only utilized Fromex Photo of Long Beach, a state-of-the-art lab with international clientele.

The density of Fromex’s color dyes for photos are optimized by Fuji Crystal Archives, an archival process utilizing silver halide crystals, guaranteed to last 100 years. Superb color density and definition arise from the actual emulsion within the photo papers themselves.

Your choices for printing are virtually unlimited! In addition to printing on the newest dramatic metallic papers, we offer all the highest quality photo papers, such as gloss, matte, watercolor, and finely-textured fine art papers.

We will work with you to simplify your photographic ART choices!

If you see any Gottlieb artwork which catches your eye, please Contact DariusHe’s a very affable cellist and photographer. And he’s also an expert on the perfect size, fit, and “pizzazz-Tabasco-factor” for any image which speaks to you. He always will work within your budget …. because it means the world to him for his ART to enliven people’s homes & businesses.

We have additionally perfected transferring your most treasured images upon canvas, or the indestructible brilliance of clear or white aluminum, assuring your images major visual knock-out panache.

Depending upon your home or business décor, your photo images can additionally be mounted upon galvanized steel or burnished copper. These are showcase image pieces which create unforgettable environments.

We are virtually unlimited as to the size of your images and their applications! Our mainstay is: 12 X 18’s and 20 X 30’s …. And every conceivable option to size is available, no matter how large, or how small:

Sizes as large as 60 X 40. There is NO size we cannot print!

  • 50 X 30.
  • 20 X 30
  • 20 X 24
  • 16 X 20
  • 12 X 18
  • 8 X 10

Prices are determined by size and materials, and we always go out of our way for completely contented customers. Many client references are available.

Ask about our exquisite giclée prints!